LTS highly trained, experience staffOur company's staff is highly trained, experienced and capable of meeting the needs of our clients in a 24 hour basis.

Our administrative staff consists of an experienced group of people who have the necessary expertise to organize, control and watch all the aspects of the transportation services we provide. Therefore they ensure:

•  The communication with the clients and the understanding of special needs

•  The fulfillment of last minute needs

•  The administration of changes which might occure anytime

•  Checking the condition of the vehicles

•  The electronic monitoring of the vehicles' position to reassure that they are staying on schedule

•  The control of the drivers about complying with safe driving rules and speed through telematic applications

The choice of our drivers is based on strict standards. They have professional driving licences, they wear uniforms, they are english-speaking and responsible to comply with the schedule and as just they are always in time at their pick up points.

They are also in constant communication with headquarters and they are maintaining the vehicles clean and tidy.